Where do I park?
Paid parking is available behind Jackson Hall in the Civica Center parking lot or across the street in the Dominion Tower parking garage.

How does ordering work?
We offer a unique ordering system. When you first enter, you can peruse the printed menu of offerings from our six food and beverage kiosks. Then, find one of the ordering terminals and select the dishes your heart desires. Check out once your order is complete and pay with your credit card. You can mix and match dishes from our various kiosks into the same order, so you only need to run your credit card once.

Find a comfortable seat or peruse our Positivity Library books for a few minutes. You’ll receive a text alert on your phone when your order is ready.

We also accept Android and Apple Pay.

If you have any questions during your order, a member of our concierge team will be happy to assist you.

Can I pay with cash?
To pay with cash, please visit our concierge desk upon your arrival.

How does catering work?
Catering options are available via our website. You can make orders by phone, website or by emailing catering@jacksonhallmiami.com

Can I reserve a table at Jackson Hall?
Groups of 20 or more may reserve a table by contacting events@jacksonhallmiami.com or click here.

How do I host a private event at Jackson Hall?
If interested in hosting a private event, please contact events@jacksonhallmiami.com or click here.

Are there vegan, gluten-free or other options for those with special diets?
Jackson Hall has a wide variety of plant-based and gluten-free options. These options will be marked on our online menu in the coming months. We also offer a color-coded menu to better enable guests to follow their medical professionals’ dietary recommendations. Please visit the concierge desk for more information or visit this page.

How do I order takeout or delivery?
You can order takeout or delivery via our website or via the Jackson Hall app, available via the Google Play and iTunes stores.

I don’t have time to sit for lunch. Do you offer grab-and-go/prepared meals?
Our Petit Marché offers grab-and-go meals and snacks, made in-house or sourced from sustainable, responsible vendors.

Do you have happy hour?
We have a full cocktail bar at Radiate Apothecary + Bar. Happy Hour is Monday through Friday 5:00 to 7:30 p.m. Guests can enjoy drink specials on cocktails, beer, wine and more, along with bar bites, grab-and-go meals and a select food menu.