Gluten Intolerance + ZBT Local Artisanal Bread

“I would bet that if you took a dozen people who claimed gluten intolerance and you gave them Richard’s bread, they’d be fine,’ says Michael Pollan in the third episode of his new Netflix food documentary, Cooked.

“The bread he is referring to is a sourdough made the old fashioned way, with hours of fermentation and naturally occurring yeast found in the air by a baker named Richard Bourdon in rural Massachusetts. Bourdon and Pollan go on to explain the importance of proper fermentation of grains to aid in digestion. Pollan says a long fermentation process allows bacteria to fully break down the carbohydrates and gluten in bread, making it easier to digest and releasing the nutrients within it, allowing our bodies to more easily absorb them. Pollan hypothesizes that the speeding up of the bread-making process for mass consumption has so radically altered what we know as bread in the last century that it’s no longer as easily digested.” Read more from The Guardian.

Zak the Baker is our local bread making hero, who also produces such artisenal bread in this old world style, described by Michael Pollan, creating bread that can actually fit into a very healthy lifestyle. Our dietitian friend, Elizabeth Tweedy, of Sylvester Cancer Center, often recommends Zak the Baker Sourdough to her gluten free patients, and has never heard a complaint following the experiment. Bread that is made with care, consciousness, quality ingredients, and the old world fermentation process are… just, well… better.

At Jackson Hall, we are proud to feature a variety of Zak the Baker breads at our Leo and Bloom kiosk. Our healthy focus consistently runs throughout the food hall, and we pride ourselves on selecting the very best products to create our nourishing offerings. Zak’s bread fits our mission and commitment to health and quality.

“Most people have no connection to where their food comes from,” Stern explained. “It’s our duty, and our joy, to invite the community into how their food is made.” When you are not eating his bread at Jackson Hall, make a visit Zak and taste all of his offerings at his Wynwood Bakery.

Thank you to Zak’s team for bringing samples, education, conversation, and passion to Jackson Hall for our Wellness Wednesday segment this week. With delicious, fresh- baked bread and cookies to sample, Zak’s was of course a huge hit!

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