Make Yourself Whole with Cristina Curp’s Delicious Keto/Paleo Recipes

made whole

When you have major health restrictions in terms of cuisine, finding good food with lots of flavor can be really difficult. If you’re eating grain-free and nut-free and maybe want to throw anti-inflammatory into the mix, the cookbook “Made Whole” by Cristina Curp was made for you.

Born and raised in Miami, Cristina Curp discovered her passion for cooking at an early age by watching her mom, Anne, prepare meals and create recipes in the kitchen. Her mother just so happens to also be the owner of Green Gables Cafe, located in Coral Gables, for the past eleven years. Cristina also worked in the kitchen there, developing the recipe for black bean burgers, still beloved to this day at the restaurant.

Photo by Brynna Kaplan, Cristina preparing pork patties for Wellness Wednesday

Her love for cooking eventually led her to starting her blog, the Castaway Kitchen. Cristina recalls, “I started the blog almost four years ago just because I was no longer a restaurant chef, and I was about to turn thirty and wanted to get healthy. I was really overweight, had a lot of chronic illnesses, and food is something I’ve always loved and I’ve always loved to cook. So I thought if I could create recipes to get healthy and heal my body, that’s something I can share with people no matter what their food intolerances are or what their goals are.”

 Now Cristina is the proud author of a new cookbook titled Made Whole: More Than 145 Anti-Inflammatory Keto-Paleo Recipes to Nourish You from the Inside Out. This cookbook totally busts the myth that keto or paleo food isn’t delicious or doesn’t have any flavor. Eating healthy can be so easy, and Cristina makes sure that the flavor and heart of the food still shines.


Photo by Brynna Kaplan, Cristina cooking pork patties

“The great thing is that the way I’m eating now, there’s a lot of really good ways to substitute, let’s say, rice for cauliflower and hemp seeds or a roasted beet marinara instead of a tomato base. I can still create grain-free, paleo, keto recipes that you can still associate with and you can feel like you’re still enjoying the food. You don’t have to lose your cultural identity when you want to eat healthy, which I think is really important because culture is a big part of food.”

To find out more information about Cristina and her mission to help you love the food that loves you back, check out her blog Castaway Kitchen.

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