Yard Hospitality, founded by partners Della Heiman and Ken Lyon, specializes in groundbreaking hospitality concepts that forge community and high-quality culinary options together with a progressive approach to the hospitality business. Yard Hospitality’s concepts are at the forefront of modern, sustainable urban thinking.

Della Heiman


Della Heiman, founder and CEO of The Wynwood Yard, located in Wynwood, Miami, has come full circle with the Jackson Hall public health initiative. Her original motivation was to make healthy, delicious food more affordable and accessible in the United States, which was the impetus to launch della bowls. Heiman arrived in Miami from Boston in 2014 in order to launch her fast casual chain, which would offer plant-based globally-inspired bowls.

In November 2015, Della opened The Wynwood Yard which is now a community hub, collaborative space for entrepreneurs, a popular home for 14 rotating culinary concepts and co-host of around 30 weekly events. This newest concept from Yard Hospitality aims to take the lessons learned from The Wynwood Yard and the original della bowls location and make healthier food more accessible to more people in an underserved area.

We’re so proud of the inclusive, diverse community that The Yard has fostered and now we look forward to translating those learnings into building community within the Jackson Health District.

Ken Lyon


Ken Lyon, a longtime Miami chef, caterer and restaurateur, who helmed beloved restaurants such as Fratelli Lyon in the Design District, was asked by Della Heiman to open and operate the bar at The Wynwood Yard. However, inspired by the innovative nature of The Wynwood Yard and the diversity of guests from across South Florida it attracted, he took on a greater role and opened Charcoal Garden Bar + Grill, the full service restaurant at the Yard and the only one in Miami comprised completely of modified shipping containers. Ken has long been fascinated with progressive urban design and the ways lean urbanism and smart design can bring communities together.

There are two separate emotional ranges we experience at hospitals—either grief and mourning or elation. There’s not really a space to experience either of those emotional extremes in a warm, comforting environment in most U.S. hospitals. Now there will be.


At Jackson Hall, everything our team does every day is in the service of our mission: to create a community of nourishment and connectedness in institutional health care.

We are a team driven by the principles of abundant hospitality. It’s our priority to hire those who are collaborative with co-workers and passionate about our guests. While our operation is quick-service style, we emphasize hospitality as a central piece of the customer experience. As such, our team members must be creative in finding ways to exceed customer expectations. We also give significant autonomy for our team members to take ownership and be creative. At Jackson Hall, our team has the opportunity to grow, and the empowerment to sculpt the future of our organization.