Eat this Now! Cao Chocolates at Jackson Hall, available every day

Calling all chocolate lovers!

Eat chocolate, it’s good for you! Don’t believe it? Here’s what we’ve heard about chocolate: It’s loaded with nutritional value including- fiber, iron, potassium, and more. Chocolate contains antioxidants, it possibly lowers blood pressure, it boosts blood flow. It’s said to reduce the risk of heart disease, it protects your skin from sun, and boosts brain function. Read more about these facts, here.

But… not all chocolate is created equally! Not all chocolate is as good for you as bean to bar, consciously sourced and created, chocolate.  Cao Chocolates visited with us for the Wellness Wednesday on the third Thursday of this month. Cao Chocolates gave out samples and talk about their unique, quality, “bean to bar” chocolates.

Our friends from Cao Chocolates talked about the health benefits of chocolate and their no added preservatives chocolate.  This South Florida, local company takes pride in the process they use to create their amazingly delicious chocolate, they even hand wrap their product to ensure greatness.

Jackson Hall sells Cao Chocolates, so swing by to taste if you missed this week’s Wellness Wednesday.

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